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Black Education

Explore our curated collection of books, documentaries and films chosen by our Ethnic Network Group which resonate personally with them and their reasons for sharing.

These will provide valuable insight into black history, stories and culture.


Black champions in cycling - Marion Lee Moncrieffe 

Available on Amazon.

Black and British a Forgotten History - David Olusoga | Available on Waterstones

Why I am no longer talking to White People about Race - Renni Eddo-Lodge | Available on Amazon

Akala - Natives - David Olusoga | Available on Amazon

The Warm Up - Derrick Evans MBE

Available on Amazon

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Maya Angelou | Available here

Becoming - Michelle Obama | Available on Amazon

The Warm Up - Derrick Evans | Available on Amazon 


Black Panther

Watch it on Disney Plus

The Last Dance - watch it on Netflix

Colin in Black & White - watch it on Netflix

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom - watch it on Amazon

Selma - watch it on Amazon

Small Axe Collection - Steve McQueen

Watch it on BBC iPlayer

The Central Park Five - watch it on Amazon

Hidden Figures - watch it on Disney Plus

Harriet - watch it on BBC iPlayer

Birth of A Nation - watch it on Amazon

Malcolm X - watch it on Amazon

Our Black History Month campaign forms part of our work with our Employee Network Groups, bringing together employees from across the business to allow us to hear from different voices and help them share their unique experiences, perspectives, and ideas.

Read more about this campaign here.

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