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Chris Gell

Personal Trainer And Gym Manager

Chris became a personal trainer after finding that a good workout in the gym was more than just lifting weights. He worked with a PT himself for 3 months preparing to go on holiday, after finding that his physical and mental health were on the decline. After 3 months of hard work he achieved his first milestone of feeling confident, motivated and comfortable just being able to be on holiday with shorts and t shirt.

His PT at the time challenged him on he had more potential not just to improve his overall fitness but also to inspire others. He qualified and then took another great step on his journey of improvement moving to Manchester. He is now the PureGym Manchester Spinningfields Gym Manager in addition to being a Personal Trainer. 

"I understand the struggles people face with mental health and my experience has taught me to have support around me if that's a good friend, partner, or Personal Trainer.

Since I started my journey, I have helped many members get into a good routine with exercise, nutritional and finding balance in life. I work with people interested in a long-term goal and not after a quick fix. As there isn't one, just hard work and commitment to getting to that happy place. I continue to work with members in the aim to be better, fitter both mentally and physically."

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Chris Gell

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