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Women in Tech at PureGym

Hi! I'm a Delivery Manager in IT at PureGym and I wanted to speak a little bit about our Women In Tech group to tell you why we're here and what we aim to do. 

I work in the Delivery Team across the teams delivering the PG Member Mobile App and one web team focussed on Gym-focussed website work such as Personal Training. I've been at PureGym for a year and come from a background of Mobile and SaaS technology in sports and international events. 

Throughout my career, I've been inspired by incredible female leaders who created supportive communities for women in tech. Witnessing the impact of these groups firsthand, I knew I wanted to provide the same opportunity at PureGym. 

In a male-dominated industry, fostering an environment where women can thrive and contribute their unique perspectives is crucial. I wanted to create a space where women could connect, share experiences, and support each other on their professional journeys. 

Our Women In Tech group is in the early days of building our membership and forging relationships but we are already benefitting from having the group as a connection point! 

What drew you to working at PureGym?

PureGym as a wider business is in a really exciting phase of life as it continues to expand in the UK and internationally. As a highly tech-driven business, IT is a really exciting place to be. A lot of new member initiatives come from the tech space, such as the new Streaks feature we recently released on the Mobile App. These have the potential to have a big impact on member satisfaction, so we are a vital department for the business. My main reason for wanting to join PureGym is the opportunity to work on innovative products which really make a difference to people's health and wellbeing. 

How did the Women In Tech group come about?

Everyone at PureGym is super welcoming and all the staff in the wider business are a pleasure to work with. I found out that the wider PureGym Women's Network needed more ambassadors, so I joined as the rep for Women in Tech and have gradually got the sub-group started over the last few months. Having the support of the PG Women's Network has allowed us to find others within the organisation who have similar interests and ambitions to us, which means we have the potential to do a lot of good in the future. 

What has the Women In Tech group been up to so far?

Our main goal at the moment is to build the group into a strong social network by organising meetups and attending conferences and events that are relevant to us. Some of us attended Karen Brady's Women In Business and Tech conference at the end of 2022 which provided a great networking and learning opportunity to hear from some excellent initiatives in other companies around subjects like attracting diverse talent; women's health in the workplace and tackling imposter syndrome. This year we hope to continue expanding on this front and start creating a higher profile for women in the technology space. This links in to one of the Women's Network's key goals around raising the profile of Women in the business. 

What is discussed at Women In Tech meet ups?

So far we've talked about the subjects that matter to us and started thinking about avenues where we might be able to take action, which include: encouraging young women into STEM fields; getting involved in the wider company conversation around Women's Health including menstrual health (access to hygiene products, menstrual sickness and the menopause); and considering relevant future volunteering and charity partnerships. We are starting to partner with the PG Women's Network to understand how we can take part in these wider initiatives, to act on our big ideas. 

What's next for the Women In Tech group?

Over the next few months we will gradually build up the group to be able to attend more events and become more well known within the tech space. We'll look firstly at our activity on social media both externally and internally to start sharing useful content and letting others know we exist! Long term we would love to be involved in some of PureGym's larger initiatives. For example, PureGym runs an excellent anti-harassment initiative, ensuring safe spaces for women in gyms. We will be looking at how we can support important campaigns coming up in the future. We'll also look to more external volunteering opportunities the more that we grow. The main priority for now is organising some social events so that we have an opportunity to meet up in person and fuel our ambitions for the group! 

What technology roles are women involved in at PureGym?

Within the technology space our WIT group covers mobile and web Developers and Quality Assurance Engineers, Product Managers, Product Designers, Delivery Managers, Data Scientists, Commercial and Business Analysts, Project Managers and Application Managers. There are women in technology within every department spanning all ages and from a range of career backgrounds. Some of us have degrees in Computer Science and some of us have arts backgrounds that have maneuvered into technology. The range of experience within the WIT group and the wider technology team makes it a great place to work as you'll always talk to someone new with a different life perspective and a whole range of interests. As someone with a humanities and sports background, I really enjoy getting to know different people in the team and connecting on these interests held outside of work. The WIT group is another opportunity to do just that. 

What would you say to anyone thinking about joining PureGym and looking for a diverse space to work?

PureGym provides an excellent opportunity for people of any gender to join the technology space. Not only does PureGym host a Women's Network but also an Ethnic Network Group and a LGBTQ+ Network Group. The work and impact of these networks is expanding and so PureGym is only getting more diverse. As it stands, PureGym is already a welcoming place to work. The tagline "Everybody Welcome" isn't just relevant for members but for staff throughout gyms and Central Support. PureGym is committed to increasing diversity and representation of women in technology roles and has already increased representation considerably since the starting of the women in tech group. This means that, in combination with the exciting time for technology, this is the perfect time to join the team. 

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