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Dumbbell Front Raise

What Is A Dumbbell Front Raise

How To Do A Dumbbell Front Raise

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The dumbbell front raise is a challenging movement that aims to build shoulder strength and size. Primarily targeting the deltoid muscles, dumbbell front raises require the lifter to sweep the dumbbells up in an arc direction, from hip height until the arms are extended in front of the body.

With limited involvement from the rest of the body, the dumbbell has to travel away from the body's centre of gravity without a pressing movement, challenging both core and shoulder strength and stability.

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Commonly Asked Questions On Dumbbell Front Raises

Are Dumbbell Front Raises Good?

Dumbbell front raises are effective at building shoulder strength and stability and enhancing overall upper body strength. Dumbbell front raises also work the two sides on their own which can help to minimise muscular imbalances.

As an isolation exercise, they are best combined with compound pushing and pulling exercises for a well-rounded routine.

Cable Front Raise Vs Dumbbell Front Raise?

Both the cable and dumbbell front row are effective exercises that target the anterior and medial delts, but cable front raises may be better for strength while dumbbell front raises may be better for stability.

The cable variation increases the total time the delts spend under tension compared to the dumbbells which can be helpful for building strength and hypertrophy, however the dumbbell variation provides a greater challenge to shoulder stability as the use of free weights means the joint must work harder to move the dumbbells in the correct position.

What Does Dumbbell Front Raise Work?

The dumbbell front raise primarily challenges the deltoids, with the chest and upper back helping to stabilise the shoulders in the movement. When performed correctly, the core will also be engaged to keep the body stable and ensure the tension remains on the delts.

Dumbbell Front Raise Tips

Engaging your core during the dumbbell front raise is important to protect the lower back and target the deltoids effectively. Think about bracing your stomach and pulling your belly button in towards the spine.

If you are struggling to lift the load without swinging the dumbbells or maintaining a neutral wrist position, lighten the load or use a seated position.

As this exercise uses dumbbells, you may find one side of the body fatigues prior to the other. Make sure to only do as many reps as this side can do with good form, as this will help to improve muscular imbalances.

How To Do A Dumbbell Front Raise

  1. Hold a dumbbell in each hand using a pronated grip, so that your palms are facing downwards.

  2. Brace your core and begin the reps by sweeping both dumbbells up in an arc direction until they are in line with your shoulders. Maintain a shoulder width distance apart throughout.

  3. Revert the movement by slowly lowering the dumbbells until they return to the beginning position.

If you’re not sure if any of the above exercises are suitable for you, please consult your doctor before you start it. Need guidance on how to perform the exercise? Ask a personal trainer at your gym.