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Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns

What Is A Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown?

How To Do A Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown

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The reverse grip lat pulldown uses a supinated (underhand) grip to train the lats and biceps. Like the conventional lat pulldown, this exercise works the lats, however, the middle back and biceps are more involved which means most people can lift heavier loads. The underhand grip may also be more comfortable on the shoulders, making this a suitable option for those prone to shoulder pain.

This is a good exercise to help work towards your first chin up, or improve your chin up technique, as the underhand grip replicates the grip used in a chin up.

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Commonly Asked Questions On Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns

Are Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns Good?

Reverse grip lat pulldowns are good for building back and bicep strength. Compared to conventional lat pulldowns, this exercise works the biceps more and allows for more load to be lifted, aiding strength and hypertrophy gains.

What Muscles Do Reverse Grip Lat Pulldowns Work?

Reverse grip lat pulldowns work the back muscles, including the lats, rhomboids, traps, as well as the rear delts and biceps. This is a great exercise for improving overall back strength and pulling power.

Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown Vs Chin Ups?

Reverse grip lat pulldowns and chin ups have similar movement patterns, however, there are key differences. Chin ups require more core strength and full body stability as the body must remain stable while being lifted, whereas the lower body is pinned down in reverse grip lat pulldowns.

Incorporating both exercises will help to build back strength and stability. If you’re unable to do chin ups, reverse grip lat pulldowns will be helpful in achieving your first rep!

Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown Tips

It’s important to avoid using momentum to pull the bar down so that the correct muscles are engaged. Think about keeping your torso stable and then pulling your elbows down and back towards your glutes until the bar reaches just below your chin. Pulling the bar further down forces your forearms and deltoids to take over, shifting the load away from your lats and biceps.

How To Do A Reverse Grip Lat Pulldown

  1. Sit down on the lat pulldown machine and adjust the pads so they sit tightly against your thighs. Select the weight.

  2. Stand up and grip the bar with an underhand grip (palms facing towards you) about shoulder width apart, then sit down.

  3. Lower the bar towards your chest by pulling your elbows back and down towards the glutes, stopping when the bar passes just below chin height.

  4. Reverse the movement by slowly extending the arms, allowing the cable to pull the bar back up with control.

If you’re not sure if any of the above exercises are suitable for you, please consult your doctor before you start it. Need guidance on how to perform the exercise? Ask a personal trainer at your gym.