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This is a progressive programme designed to be completed one week at a time. We recommend that you follow the programme as intended to reduce the risk of injury or illness

Week 2 Strength Workout

Work on your muscular endurance with this week’s strength eliminator challenge alongside Lauren, Ivy, and Marc. This fun workout starts with seven exercises and eliminates one exercise every round until you’re left with one. You’ll finish feeling awesome!

Week 2 Cardio Workout

Up for a challenge? Try this fun pyramid workout with Tim, starting with one exercise and adding a new move on every round. Make it all the way up to four exercises, before taking on a cardio accelerator challenge for 90 seconds and then working back down the pyramid, removing an exercise every round.

Week 2 Yoga Workout

In this week’s gentle flow, join Rebecca as she takes you through a 30-minute yoga session focused on lower body strength and mobility. Connect to your breath and take the session at your own pace.