Pure Gym Limited

This is a progressive programme designed to be completed one week at a time. We recommend that you follow the programme as intended to reduce the risk of injury or illness

week 3 strength workout

In this week’s workout, work on your strength and tone with Lance, Celine, and Lara. Complete four blocks of exercises - two standing and two on the floor - focused on different muscle groups. Each block has 3 great full body moves, and the work intervals gradually decrease with every move.

week 3 cardio workout

Join Courtney, Phil and Martelle for a fun cardio workout with a twist. Take on three rounds of cardio moves and two blocks of core work, with a small progression to the first exercise every round. You’ll be working for 30 second intervals with 30 seconds rest between exercises.

week 3 yoga workout

Get your mindfulness fix this week with this slow flow with Rebecca, Josh, and Marina. This week’s yoga workout is focused on mobility and moving your body in time with your breath.