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This is a progressive programme designed to be completed one week at a time. We recommend that you follow the programme as intended to reduce the risk of injury or illness

week 4 strength workout

In this fun strength challenge from Lance, Celine and Lara, will you choose to stick or twist? Complete 5 rounds of exercises, each focused on a different muscle group. Start each round with a new movement and get the choice to stick or level up that movement for the next work interval.

week 4 cardio workout

Enjoy a fun cardio session with Courtney as you almost reach the halfway point of the Healthy Hearts Programme. Take on two rounds of new full body cardio moves, with a short round of core work at the end. Once complete, you’ll repeat all the moves again one more time.

week 4 yoga workout

Have fun with this week’s 30-minute yoga flow with Rebecca focused on twisting. This session will involve working through a gentle flow, introducing some new twisting postures for you to try.