Pure Gym Limited

This is a progressive programme designed to be completed one week at a time. We recommend that you follow the programme as intended to reduce the risk of injury or illness

week 6 strength workout

Join Lance, Celine, and Lara for this week’s full body strength workout. This 30-minute workout works through some familiar and new exercises, before then pairing them together to create some awesome power combos.

week 6 cardio workout

Up for another fun challenge, try this levelled up cardio pyramid workout with Courtney. Start with one exercise and add a new one on each round. Reach the top of the pyramid and then work your way back down in reverse. This is a step up from your week two workout, with slightly longer work times and shorter rest intervals.

week 6 yoga workout

Flow through a gentle 30-minute yoga session with Rebecca, Josh, and Marina to complete your week of workouts. Explore some new postures and get time to practice some familiar ones from previous weeks.