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This is a progressive programme designed to be completed one week at a time. We recommend that you follow the programme as intended to reduce the risk of injury or illness

week 8 strength workout

Finish your final week strong with this awesome workout with Lance, Celine, and Lara. Similar to last week, this session involves two blocks of work that repeat twice, but with some added spice. Challenge yourself with some rotations, side bends and new exercises included in this workout.

week 8 cardio workout

Join Courtney, Phil and Martelle for your final cardio workout of the Healthy Heart Programme. Put all your hard work to the test and see the amazing progress you’ve made with this full body tri-set workout with core moves in between each round.

week 8 yoga workout

Check off your final yoga flow with Rebecca, Josh, and Marina to complete the Healthy Hearts Programme. Flow through this 30-minute session focused around opening your chest and improving your posture.