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Move your mind: mental health awareness week 2023

This Mental Health Awareness week we want to raise awareness of the positive effect exercise has on mental health.

We ran a survey with our members and 77% told us that regular exercise improves their mental health, this increased to 84% for people suffering with anxiety or depression.

Teaming up with people who are passionate about mental wellbeing and mental health specialists at Mental Health UK, we aim to help get more people moving to benefit their minds.

Together, let's move our minds.


We understand the fear around ‘gym anxiety’, most people have felt this the first time they stepped inside a gym for the very first time. A new environment, the unknown or just not having the confidence to know how or what to do.

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Whether you’re new to the gym, or returning after taking a break, we’ve got a huge range of tips and articles to help you start your gym journey

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We are delighted to partner with Mental Health UK who provide invaluable support in tackling some of the biggest societal challenges posing a threat to our mental wellbeing. Here are 3 resources to help you or a loved one who suffers with anxiety:

5-minute anxiety-reducing techniques
10-minute anxiety-reducing techniques
What to say instead talking guide

Anxiety is a common emotion that we’ve likely all experienced at some point in our lives, however some people will experience intense levels of anxiety frequently, which can deeply impact their quality of life.

This #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek let’s challenge the notion that anxiety is “just worrying” or “just being stressed”.

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