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Christina's Story

Hi, I’m Christina

I’m a Personal Trainer at PureGym and graduated from the PureGym Personal Training Academy.

Ever since I was a little girl, I always loved taking part in a variety of sports, I got older and life got busier and I began to neglect my passion for sports, due to other commitments. It wasn't until the past few years when I got back into my health and fitness, I stepped foot into PureGym with a goal of getting healthier! I started with the cardio machines, rowing, treadmill and the crosstrainer as I found these easy to use and I thought I wouldn't embarrass myself.

Then one day my partner, Lloyd, introduced me to weightlifting, and I fell in love! From the endorphins being released to having that sense of competition again, but this time it wasn't against anyone other than myself. I loved the feeling of lifting heavy weights, sculpting my body and that feeling of pushing myself each session to do better than the last really makes me so happy! I am so happy I jumped in the deep end and followed what I love most. 

During lockdown I really wanted to focus on my health, nutrition, and overall physique. I had all this time on my hands all of a sudden and wanted to take some time for me! I taught myself new low-calorie recipes, to fit into my calorie deficit - I was getting bored of chicken and veg! I made the things I love most fit into my Macros, from pizza and even cake. I educated myself on what the body needs to thrive and experimented to see how it made me feel. I started to lift weights at home (with my limited weight set) and started to see progress, which kept me motivated and accountable!

I was so lucky to have my partner, Lloyd, guide me through all this process, without him I know I would have needed a Personal Trainer, and that's why I started, I want to help people in their lives to educate them in their journey so they can use the tools I provide them for the rest of their lives. For me, changing someone's life for the better has been the most rewarding thing I could do. I want to change the world, one person at a time. I changed my life completely and now I want to help others do the same. 

Funnily enough I was training away at the gym and just as I was cooling down and stretching, I heard on the overhead speakers "Turn your passion into a career!", I muted my headphones and had a listen. For around 6 months I knew I wanted to change lives and help people in their fitness journeys, so I had been posting bits on social media, I never thought to pursue it further, until I heard that announcement, everything just clicked. I knew this was my time and I should do something now! Not only was it a course with my gym I train in, but it was flexible, upon researching into it I found out I can do it alongside my current full time job, in my own spare time. It was affordable and I had so much support from the moment I decided to partake to even after I've finished. It's the best decision I've made, and I can't wait to help as many people as I possibly can.

Having the course be online was amazing, in my opinion, it allowed me to be so flexible with my coursework, I would dedicate a few hours most evenings to adhere to the schedule I had set myself. It took a lot of pressure off actually having it fit around my schedule and made the whole learning process a breeze! I loved the course itself, the way it had multiple factors of learning, I am a kinaesthetic learner so I learn by "doing" - I did think I would face challenges because of this, however I didn't! It was so informative, there were videos, interactive pictures, reading and live Q&As with my Tutor, with of course on-going support throughout. It really felt so personal, despite it being online, I never felt like I was doing it alone. 

When I passed and found out I had a role at PureGym, I felt so privileged of the opportunity I had been given and the whole process, from day one all the way through my course I had all the support I could ask for, all the information I needed to educate myself and of course the ongoing support from my local gym team too, they have all been so wonderful and I feel so proud to have completed this journey and I am beyond dedicated to help anyone I can! Overall, I feel astonished, now I look back after completing the course I am so proud of myself for what I have learnt and who I have grown into - I am a different person to who I was 3 months ago, and I couldn't be happier with the journey in front of me. 

What I enjoy the most about being a Personal Trainer is helping all types of people, with different lifestyles. Creating bespoke programmes to suit their individual needs and busy lifestyles, to reach their goals! I find it amazing to help people and to know I'm changing their life, helping them get healthier, happier and more confident - it’s not just about looking good, the confidence that grows in people that I help has been the most rewarding things, I have fallen in love with that feeling of helping others achieve their goals. 

I have had such support from PureGym throughout and ongoing with this course, more than I initially thought I would receive! It's amazing, I have had the opportunity to attend several Webinars to discuss business goals and my personal development as well as the ongoing support from my tutor and colleagues of PureGym as well. It has been a constant support net that I am grateful for, they have really guided me with any queries I have and been so open to help. 

The future used to scare me, I never really had a plan or goal to say, I just went from week to week, and there is nothing wrong with that - however I have now learnt that planning your future is key!

I want to thrive as a Personal Trainer and help people all around the world one day, being able to change a person's life and make them a happier, healthier version of themselves is the greatest win for me. I want to grow my business and develop more clientele to become the best Personal Trainer I can be. This won't only be helping those I train, but it will help me grow and learn, as I pride myself in being bespoke and tailoring to the individual needs of each person. I can't wait for what the future brings, I want to change people's lives!

To find out more about the PureGym Personal Training Academy and sign up visit puregym.com/academy.

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